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Uncreative Radio with Rob Richardson

"America Has An Infectious Disease"

Episode 2 Airs Thursday, February 20th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET


America Has An Infectious Disease (and no it's not coronavirus)

Let’s talk about America’s corporate system and how it’s bleeding into politics and infecting our democracy.

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Rob Richardson, the Executive Producer and Host of the “Disruption Now” podcast, an influential platform encouraging visionaries to disrupt the status quo in positive ways.

If you believe there is nothing to disrupt; if you believe that our system is fair; if you squander your vote because it doesn’t matter then you need to tune in on Thursday, February 20th at 6 PM ET. Rob Richardson and Joshua Miller will wake you up to the harsh reality you’ve been choosing to either ignore or be complacent to.

So who are you?

Do you believe there is nothing to disrupt?

Huh, strange. Then why are so many working Americans living in poverty? Are you aware that poverty compounds instability?

Can’t pay for a cavity filling. Take care of it next year. Can’t pay for a crown. Take care of it next year. Can’t pay for a root canal. Take care of next year. Can’t pay for a cancer screening. Well, now you’re up shit’s creek.

Poverty breeds poverty. That is the way the system works and it’s designed to distract you from creating real change. Prove us wrong.

Do you believe that our corporate and political system is fair?

Then why are forces constantly at work to prevent you from voting?

Access to voting is shrinking. Your voice is shrinking.

If you’re too poor to miss work to go cast your voice. The corporate system has stripped you of your power. If you’re a felon who has paid for your crimes, too bad! No vote for you! Did your usual voting precinct close without notification? Too bad, this is rural America!

Do you squander your vote because the system is rigged?

Well, you’ve been tricked. If the system was rigged, how in the world would a black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama be elected President of the United States for two terms? Riddle me that!

It’s time to wake up to the world. There is always a force at work attempting to diminish your power. You can’t allow that to happen. Fortunately, Rob Richardson has a solution and he’s sharing it with Joshua Miller on this empowering episode of Uncreative Radio.

It begins with adopting the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Watch Thursday’s episode with Rob Richardson to learn the steps needed to take back your power. 

The working community, especially people of color and women, can no longer rely on protests to carry their message. They need to work under a collective mindset to propel the wheels of power. Or as Rob Richardson says, “Protests are only an arrow in the quiver of what we are aiming to achieve.” The rest of your power lies in the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s time for you to embrace yours.

Episode 3 of Uncreative Radio with Rob Richardson airs Thursday, February 20 at 6 PM ET.


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