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Mastering The Art Of Sound

Music is so often tied to emotion and memory that the proper song paired with the right visual media will leave a lasting impact on your audience. In the end, it all comes down to originality. Original music paired with custom media is the golden egg of marketing. If you can give your audience something that they can look back on fondly, then you’re doing something right.


Create music that represents your brand and your brand only. This will give you a leg up on the competition.


Every sound aspect of your video should be crystal clear. It’s the only way to communicate.


No video is shot in one take, so it’s increasingly important to work with an audio production agency that can piece sounds together perfectly

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It all starts in the field, where we have spent countless hours perfecting the art of recording great dialogue and folly.

First, we use state-of-the-art microphones, preamps, and cables to ensure a clean signal from start to finish. During production, we use wireless lavalier microphone systems to make sure your audio recordings are compatible with any mixing application. Then we record all media on two separate drives to guarantee the best quality from every take and time-code your media to prepare for any usage.


The mixing process takes raw, unedited audio files and polishes them for a more balanced, clearer sound.

In the studio, we carefully balance your field audio to reach the proper mix between high and low frequencies, separate voices, and music, which makes a huge difference in the sound and feel of your media. Whether we’re mastering a commercial advertisement, film, or album, having a balanced mix is essential in creating the mood and energy you want in your sound.


Audio mastering is the post-production process of creating a finished sound for your media.

All commercial recordings, songs, films, and ads that you listen to every day have been mastered to guarantee the listener hears the media exactly as intended on any given platform. Mastering requires critical listening and software tools and depends largely on the intent of the audio engineer. The accuracy of speaker monitors and the listening environment plays a huge role in this process, so be sure to work with the experts.


The Avalon VT-737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space.

The VT-737SP has three input selections:

  1. The VT-737SP features a higher-performance microphone input transformer with +48v phantom selection.
  2. Instrument DI high source input with jack located on front panel.
  3. Balanced line input, discrete high-level Class A.

The class A preamplifier utilizes two cascaded, dual vacuum tube triodes configured with minimum negative feedback. A high gain switch boosts the overall gain of the preamplifier. The four high-quality tubes are configured as singled-ended anode coupled followers. A passive-variable high-pass filter and hardwire relay bypass completes the input signal conditioning.

The opto-compressor features a minimum signal path design with twin Class A vacuum tube triodes for gain matching. The optical attenuator acts as a simple passive level controller. Full dynamic control from soft compression to hard-knee limiting can be achieved with threshold, ratio-compression, attack and release controls plus gain reduction selection on the large VU meter.

Apogee Symphony is a modular multi-channel audio interface featuring premium AD/DA conversion and world-class microphone preamps.

Designed to deliver professional sound quality for audio recording, mixing and mastering on a Mac, Symphony I/O is the ultimate music production centerpiece for any modern studio. Connect Symphony I/O to any Mac based Thunderbolt, Pro Tools HD or USB audio workstation.

Legendary Sound Quality

Symphony I/O is the culmination of 25 years of Apogee’s award-winning design experience. Using the most advanced components available, Apogee engineers created an extremely efficient circuit and power design resulting in a significant improvement in audio clarity and transparency over any previous Apogee product.

Input and Output Flexibility

There is a Symphony I/O solution everyone; the home studio, project studio, commercial recording studio, and scoring stage. Choose from five base configurations, 2×6, 8×8, 16×16, 8×8 with 8 mic preamps, or 16×16 with 8 mic preamps and easily expand as your studio grows. With two module slots and the capacity for up to 32 inputs and outputs of A/D & D/A conversion per unit, Symphony I/O offers the best per-channel value of any interface in its category.

These are multitrack recorders: the F4 has four XLR/quarter-inch combo jacks, the F8 has eight, allowing connection of multiple microphones (or other audio sources) simultaneously.

The F4 and F8, Zoom has moved decisively into the realm of truly professional recorders. They’ve improved the sound quality and added professional details such as:

  • balanced line-level outputs
  • time code inputs and outputs
  • hirose power connections
  • multiple memory-card slots
  • flexible internal routing of audio signals.

The Schoeps CMC6-U microphone preamp is a balanced output stage and +12 to +48V phantom power supply for the Schoeps Colette series modular capsules. The transformer-less output stage ensures low-noise and pristine audio reproduction throughout.

The CMC6-U is terminated with a standard balanced 3-pin XLR connection for use with standard microphone inputs and preamplifiers. It can be used with very long cables and is well-protected against RFI (radio frequency interference.

The MKH 416 is a short gun interference tube microphone. Its excellent directivity and compact design, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection make the MKH 416 a superb all-round microphone for film, radio and television, especially for outside broadcast applications.

  • increased directivity due to interference tube principle
  • very low inherent self-noise
  • high sensitivity
  • transformerless and fully floating balanced output
  • rugged, suitable for adverse climate conditions

Zaxcom is well known for the high-quality sound of its pure-digital wireless mic systems. While there are some competing brands with digital systems on the fringes that may eventually need to be considered, Zaxcom is currently the only significant player. 

The range of the Zaxcom TRX742 system is well within the needs of most productions, and when the goal is to have the wireless boom sound as much like a hard-wired mic as possible, Zaxcom is the clear leader. While the Zaxcom TRX742 plug-on transmitter can turn any mic that has a 3-pin or 5-pin XLR connector into a wireless simply by plugging it on, the most challenging use for a wireless system is the boom mic for dramatic dialog. So this review will be limited to the wireless boom.

Zaxcom has added versatility to the TRX742 transmitter with changeable XLR input adapters, which Zaxcom calls “cones”. There is a 3-pin cone for standard microphones (48V phantom), a 5-pin cone for stereo microphones (48V phantom), and 3-pin digital cones for both AES-3 and AES-42 microphones (10V phantom).

Sanken has introduced the COS-11D, which overcomes RFI (radio frequency interference) from the digital transmitter.

In today’s wireless transmission systems the microphone must remain unaffected by new forms of digital transmitter signals. They present new challenges in the area of emission protection. In many cases, noise levels increase and the S/N ratio is deteriorated by the interference of digital transmitters. Sanken has designed the COS-11D specifically to diminish the instances where interference is an issue. The COS-11D is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone. This microphone has been fitted with the TA5 Universal locking connection for Lectrosonics transmitters.

K-Tek has always considered the boom pole to be an extension of the audio professional’s arm.

It is essential that a good boom pole has a natural design that simply extends the reach of the microphone, quietly and lightly towards the sound or voice being recorded.

The ME 67 is a long gun microphone head designed for use with the K6 and K6P powering modules.

A highly directional microphone, it can be used where the microphone must be placed at a distance from the sound source. Matt black, anodised, scratch-resistant finish.

  • Lobar pick-up pattern
  • Highly directional
  • Very low inherent self-noise
  • High sensitivity factor
  • Wide frequency response


  • Pick-up pattern: lobar
  • Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz): 50 mV/Pa +- 2,5 dB
  • Nominal impedance: 200 Ohm (K6)
  • Min. terminating impedance: 1000 Ohm (K6)
  • Equivalent noise level: 10 dB
  • Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468-3: 21 dB
  • Dimensions: d 22,5 x 343 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

The Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone is the audio equivalent of a tack-sharp zoom lens on your camera.

With high sensitivity and low on-board self-noise, it’s designed to give you realistic, full-bandwidth frequency response from audio sources that might not be particularly close to you. A super-cardioid pickup pattern means you won’t be hearing any noise interference from directions off-axis from where you point the mic. The K6 powering module is designed to power the mic from an internal “AA” battery or external 12-48V phantom power, like that provided by many camcorders and mixers. It terminates in a 3-pin XLR jack for easy professional-level connections.

Fast. Flexible. Professional. 

The characteristics of the Sennheiser G3 Lavalier Mic make the ew 112-p G3 the perfect fit for every ambitious reporting team seeking both portability and great sound quality. The nearly invisible clip-on Omni-directional microphone transmits its signal via a bodypack transmitter with mute function and a portable, battery-powered adaptive-diversity receiver. The receiver and transmitter are lightweight and easy to operate, yet rugged and packed with features.

Izotope Plugins

Double vocals, add lo-fi color, control stereo width, and manipulate your mix in a virtual space.

  • Vinyl (creative effects)
  • Ozone Imager (mastering)
  • Vocal Doubler (creative effects)
  • Visual Mixer (mixing)

Waves Plugins

The world’s largest selection of pro-quality audio plugins, from the industry’s most popular equalizers, compressors and analog models, to award-winning reverbs, delays, effects, virtual instruments, surround sound tools and more.



We attend to every single sound from dialogue cleanup, audio restoration, automated dialogue replacement, Foley, and sound effect design. The software used in our audio engineering and mastering process is at the top of the industry standard. Not only do we house a beautiful creative suite with the industry’s top software applications, but we also house an expert team of audio engineers and musicians who are laser-focused in their craft. What’s even cooler is that when it comes time to edit trailers for your feature film, we’ll give you access to our gallery of original music by The Delorean. Here, you will have hundreds of songs to choose from so your trailer is as original as your feature film.



-- LOGIC --


The Delorean writes and composes original music to give our clients a creative edge over the competition. With over 500 custom tracks in our database and the option to customize The Delorean’s music with original lyrics, unique tempos, and heavier drops, there is nothing we cannot achieve. It’s impossible to put a value on this added service. Today, users are overwhelmed by the amount of content that is published online. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to show-off your brand’s originality when you’re fighting for your audience’s attention right out of the gate. But with a totally unique soundtrack powering the emotions in your video, you’ll have a much better chance at making an impact and giving your community something they will watch on repeat.

Creating music in-house separates us from other marketing agencies or post-production houses because we can tailor musical tracks to exemplify every detail of your media in order to meet your specific needs. We don’t rely on third-party music sources. You can work with our team to get the exact music or sound you are looking for. This is a huge advantage, especially if your business exists in a very competitive arena. More often than not, brands are forced to “share” musical tracks, which makes their content unoriginal. When you work with us, you can select from The Delorean’s music gallery of unused tracks and soundbites, or commission or team invent a sound specifically for your production needs.


Our studio is designed to give you creative freedom. That’s why our space can be modified and utilized in dozens of ways. In our eyes, a major part of creative freedom means being able to incorporate and build emotion in your production in many different ways. Since music is at the very center of emotion, we outfitted our studio with various recording capabilities for your benefit. With many nooks and crannies to choose from, a beautiful piano, working stage, cyc wall, and multiple power sources/adapters, you can give your video the exact sound and emotion you envisioned. We also have a fully built out recording studio with super high-quality gear for rent. All of this makes filming and mastering your next production a breeze. Not only can we film everything in one location, but we can also record your music/vocals, master the sound for clarity, and create a captivating final product without having to outsource any of the work. That’s creative control you won’t enjoy from other production studios.



We filmed this ad for our bar space BREW Next Door to promote our up-and-coming nightlife scene.

This is a great example of what you can achieve musically and visually in our studio. Having the option to film and record audio in the same location is a major advantage. Not only does this lower your expenses and consolidate your production schedule, but it allows you to incorporate stylish b-roll footage of your musical process, which is something that viewers love to see.

And even if you choose to edit audio into the final product, having the option to film with a live musical soundtrack will help keep the emotions of your video in line. Not only will this inspire and direct your talent but it also provides a genuine feel to your production.


We use Kaotica’s Eyeball to record voice-overs for narrations. This device keeps unwanted off-axis sounds out of the microphone, which facilitates cleaner recordings. The Kaotica Eyeball is also designed to channel more of the vocal sound energy into the microphone, adding both clarity and emphasis to the overall narration. During the voice-over recording process, we’ll ask you to read your script at various tempos and with varying emphases. Having many different takes to choose from ensures that your narration is made up only of the best parts of your reading.

Below are examples of commercial productions that include in-house voice recordings.








As Artist Managers, we work with musicians and artists on voice recordings and vocals. We house top-of-the-line microphones, preamps, and A/D Conversion to guarantee the best possible recording for any application. You can pop into the studio and record your vocals over an original track created in-house by our team or record one of your singles with our video production team.

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“C&I approached our music video for One Step like experienced pros. Not only did they film a killer music video with a story we were proud to represent, but they made sure that our sound stayed true and that’s what’s most important. Always.”

Wil B and Kev, Black Violin

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