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Uncreative Radio with Leo Brooks

"So, What Had Happened Was..."

Uncreative Radio Episode 6
On-Air Thursday, March 12th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET

"So, what had happened was... I started touring with Lauren Hill after highschool."

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Leo Brooks, a 2x Grammy Award Winning Country Music Artist!

Leo Brooks is a rare breed in country music. Why you ask? Well, we don’t often meet black country music artists… Nonetheless, those with two Grammy Awards under their belt buckle. So, yeah, this is quite the treat!

In fact, the last black guy we remember crossing over into the country music genre must’ve been Nelly. But that was just a phase, so it doesn’t fully count. Leo Brooks, on the other hand, is the real deal and country music is his life.

This is a special episode of Uncreative Radio. Rather than delve into political, social, and environmental issues, we’re listening to the sounds that Leo Brooks lives by. So, if you came here for coronavirus banter, you’ll be disappointed.

Leo Brooks’ roots tie back to Honduras, where both his parents grew up. Apparently, Country Music has a strong influence in Honduras (surprise, surprise), which explains Leo Brooks’ natural attachment to the genre.

After speaking with Leo for a bit it became clear that he was destined for the Country Music stage. Do you believe in fatalism? It’s kind of hard not to after listening to Leo’s story. But let’s remove fatalism from the equation for just a moment. Let’s chalk up Leo’s many successes to sheer determination, talent, and perseverance (which are most certainly key ingredients in his rise to fame). What are the chances he would have become just another name in the crowd? What is the possibility that he was destined for great things elsewhere?

Of course, we’ll never know, but speculation is fun, so humor us…

In the absence of fatalism, one must question if they’re on the right path…

It’s easy to look back on one’s life and criticize decisions that were made. But in the present, we’re not offered such a luxury. **Curse you linear timeline!** So, how do we know we’re walking the right path? Is it a genetic driver — some inherent chemical reaction assuring us to continue forward? Or is it something less subtle? Perhaps it’s pure chance?… But where’s the fun in that…

If you’re on the path and want to know if it’s the right path then tune-in for Uncreative Radio with Leo Brooks. The insights he’s sharing from his journey may be the guiding light you’ve needed all along.

If you want to keep up with Leo Brooks and his outstanding career, then follow him on Instagram at @leo-brooks. Oh, and if you’re eager to learn more about navigating the music industry, then check out Uncreative Radio with Miami Music Mogul, Abebe Lewis!


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