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Our Secret To Shooting A Branding Campaign

What are your long-term career aspirations?

Do you work hard for the money? For the prestige? Maybe your current position is a building block to a new career. Maybe you’re working hard to retire early and travel the world. For us, it’s all about escaping the mundane to create art we’re passionate about with the brands we value most.

That’s the bottom line. We simply won’t rest until we work with all the brands and organizations that inspire us. And once we’re there, we’ll keep going.

Our career path can be summed up in three words: “We Never Settle.”

We’re always on the hunt for new opportunities. Some we create out of thin air.

Throughout our ongoing mission, we have learned an extremely valuable lesson — one that we act on whenever we can. It has continually allowed us to get ahead of our competitors, to sign clients that every marketing and branding agency would kill to work with and to create art that would otherwise never exist.

Enlisting global brands like EDSA Architects, W Hotels, HauteHouse Brands, Polaroid, Coca-Cola, Hard Rock and so on doesn’t come easy. But it’s doable… if you follow this piece of advice…

This is the part to pay attention to if you want to learn how we earn new business without going through the hoops and red tape of a standard RFP.

[Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes, 30 Seconds]

Our Secret to signing a list clients Never Miss a Moment Levi ad
Our Secret to signing a list clients Laughter is Life Levi ad
Our Secret to signing a list clients Never Let Her Go Levi ad in a mall
Our Secret to signing a list clients Play Fair Levi ad in mall

Don’t wait for your next job opportunity to come to find you. You have to go looking. And you can’t be shy about it.

If you wait for job opportunities to find you, they seldom will. Waiting around for your next big break is no way to find work. Not the kind you will be passionate about at least.

Waiting around is like playing a silent game of Marco Polo, in which no one even knows they’re a part of the game. In this scenario, they ignore you while you stumble around with your eyes closed. That’s no way to make introductions!

If you remain silent and closeted, bashfully awaiting an invitation from a prospective client then you’re damaging your potential for success. All you’re doing is putting distance between you and your goals.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a silent game of Marco Polo, working with the same clients without any potential for growth then this next piece of advice is going to be a game changer.

Are you ready? Listen closely.

Break The Rules!

Shout at the top of your lungs! Show potential clients you’re looking for them [that part is very important]. You can’t just scream at the top of your lungs. You have to scream “Marco!” as your career depends on it.

The Power of Initiative

There are two things in this world you should never underestimate: good manners and initiative. We’re not here to teach you how to be polite, but we will show you what initiative looks like, and how it will elevate your career.

You see, we strive to work with brands we are passionate about. Brands we grew up with. Brands that are now a part of our everyday routine. Brands that we can elevate even further. 

So, we show them what their potential would look like with our style of branding leading the way. Once we identify a niche demand in the market that is going unfulfilled we fill that void with creative marketing concepts of our own invention. We show these brands how they can tap into new audiences by injecting a young voice [our voice] into their branding and marketing efforts. Better yet, we prove to them that we can elevate their brand to reach new, untapped markets.


Full Service Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale Our Secret to signing clients Man running towards woman on a city street
Full Service Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale Our Secret to signing clients Man and woman hugging each other on a city street

We do this by creating un-commissioned conceptual campaigns situated in real time. You heard us. We create ad campaigns without being paid [or asked] to do so. We do this so they know we exist. So they can see and feel our hunger and passion. So they know what their brand is capable of achieving with our artistic enterprise paving their way.

This is actually how we got started. 

We’ve always been proud of the work we do for ourselves and for our clients. It’s satisfying creating something we’ve never seen before. At any rate, nothing goes to waste. Even if we do not sign any new clients from this un-commissioned marketing proposal, we add value to our work ethic. And that goes a long way in this industry. 

Full Service Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale  Our Secret to signing clients Man wearing shades posing for camera
Full Service Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale  Our Secret to signing clients Man wearing shades posing for camera
Full Service Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale Our Secret to signing clients Closeup of attire of man wearing shades
Full Service Marketing Agency Fort Lauderdale  Our Secret to signing clients Man posing for camera wearing shades

This Levi’s branding concept is just one episode in our informational series on how to shoot branding campaigns.

Over the next few months, we will be showcasing a series of graphic design, professional photography, and story-driven videos curated for some really cool brands. 

So, take a lesson from us… if you’re ready to make moves don’t be afraid to showcase your adaptability, marketing discipline, industry awareness, and artistic cunning with content and media you were never asked to create in the first place. Challenge yourself. Develop something beautiful – something that has never existed. Explore untraditional concepts and, most of all, show potential clients that you’re ready to take their brand to all new heights.

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