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White URBN Social logo
URBN Social Mood Board with a side view of mother and baby in a sunset


URBN Social is a community network that supports black-owned businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, spokespeople, politicians… you name it!

They share empowering and controversial news, as well as uplifting social trends, to both publicize and empower the black community. Their entire brand is about owning one’s identity and having pride in one’s heritage.


It can be said that URBN Social exists purely to celebrate black culture while providing audience’s around the world with an outlet to communicate their perspective, support one another, rally behind worthy causes, and see that wealth and social power builds in predominantly black communities.


However, even in this context, their message transcends race. They preach all-inclusivity. And though they only highlight black-owned businesses, artists, and trends, they do so to shed light on a culture that invites everyone — regardless of race, religion, age, or political orientation — to embrace, celebrate, and learn from the richness and beauty of their community.


We were here to see that URBN Social’s full potential could be reached. They came to us to rebuild their website and modernize their brand for a global undertaking. They have huge ambitions and it was clear that their original website could not carry their brand to the heights they envisioned. So, we go to work redesigning their social network so they could see their vision through.



  • Our graphics design team established improved brand guidelines by identifying primary, secondary, and tertiary brand colors.
  • Our marketing team analyzed past website traffic to determine the most visited areas of the site, and built a sitemap to support these findings.
  • Our graphic design team developed a mockup for the new and improved URBN Social website, citing key points of focus while spotlighting functionalities that could be improved with contemporary design principles
  • Our web development team implemented our improved design while improving website functionality to heighten the user experience. Additionally, they rebuilt URBN Social’s massive business directory while adding payment gateways and advertising opportunities to add new revenue streams.
URBN Social home page screenshot
URBN Social Webpage mockup
URBN Social Sitemap
URBN Social Mood Board with related multiple images of people and other things
URBN Social Mood Board with various logos and color options
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