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Uncreative Radio with Alan Hooper

Generational Woes and the Evolution of Ethics

Episode 20 Airs Thursday, November 7th, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Alan Hooper to discuss generational woes and the evolution of ethics.

It is said that every one of us harbors our own visions of the future; that we all have private kingdoms shining behind our eyes. There are those who dream longterm — who dream for others. While there are those who exploit the short term, doing whatever they can to further their status.

History has proven that the men and women who dream big and act for the common good are the ones who carve out the brightest futures. Yes, wicked people act on wicked deeds and their efforts, too, stain mankind’s history. But theirs are not everlasting marks. Not in the kingdom we envision.

Our guest, Alan Hooper, envisions a future that we welcome wholeheartedly. His life’s work has transformed Fort Lauderdale from a dilapidated seaside town into a vibrant centerpiece for arts and culture in South Florida. His work has created avenues for artists and small businesses to thrive; for families to grow; for people around the world to enjoy. To accomplish such a feat takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice. Or, as Alan Hooper simply puts it, it requires passion and a smile.

On this episode of Uncreative Radio with Alan Hooper, you will learn the secret formula to his success, how his upbringing inspired his life’s mission and the hidden powers of those who inspire growth in our communities versus those who hinder it.

More importantly, we learn about the generational crossroads we find ourselves in and how this apparent shift in ethics will decide what the next generation of leaders values most. If you consider yourself a visionary, watch the episode. If you want to learn how to make your dreams a reality, watch the episode. If you have diverted from your path in life, don’t fret. It happened for a reason, so watch the episode.

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Our guests are some of the brightest minds in their industry. Most are self-starters and artists doing everything they can to establish their name among the best of the best. If you have great ambitions in life, then this is your source for art, entertainment, and inspiration.

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