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Uncreative Radio with Commissioner Joshua Simmons

"Scandal is a Tan Suit"

Episode 10
On-Air Thursday, June 18th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET

"Scandal is a Tan Suit"

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Joshua Simmons, the first black Commissioner for the City of Coral Springs!

Dave Chappelle once said (something along these lines)… “Don’t be the first black man to do anything.”

And what he means is that if you’re the first, you’re the most scrutinized; if you’re the first, your every decision impacts the next black man or woman to follow suit; if you’re first, you better be the best and if you can’t you shouldn’t be the first because the world isn’t kind to black people who make mistakes. So, perhaps the saying should be adjusted… ‘Don’t be the first black man to do anything if you aren’t sure you’re the best person for the role.”

Look at former President Obama… he was the first. He was scrutinized. His every decision was weighed and criticized. And he did it all right. He owned his office. He owned his person. He owned his image. And the most tragic event to come from his presidency was the scandal of a tan suit.

Commissioner Joshua Simmons understands the political landscape he is navigating and respects the office he holds, and for that, we are proud that he is the first.

But there are other elected officials we aren’t so proud of. Scratch that… there are many many other elected officials we are displeased with. And this criticism is not based on prejudice. It’s based on their actions; their backward way of thinking; their obsession with power and status.

And that is what Commissioner Simmons says is the most dangerous side-effect of politics: when one’s office becomes their identity. He warns that “if you don’t know who you are when you are sworn into office — if you’re not happy with yourself — then the power bestowed upon you will shape who you are. And if that happens when your moral compass isn’t pointing true, then power will corrupt you.” This isn’t a new realization. It’s human history and it’s written upon every generation.

But enough of political drama. It’s an election year, so we’ll receive plenty of that soon enough. Commissioner Simmons has a more important message to share with you. Yes, it has to do with your vote. No, it does not have to do with the presidential vote.

Listen up and tune in at 6 PM on June 18th for Uncreative Radio with Joshua Simmons to learn about where you should center your strengths and how we can unite our communities to create positive change in a system that isn’t kind to anyone.

And remember, if you’re true to yourself and if your moral compass is guided by empathy and compassion, then you can do great things in this world despite what anyone thinks.

For more talk of politics, check out the full season of Uncreative Radio!

A little bit about Commissioner Joshua Simmons

Commissioner Simmons was elected to office and sworn into the City of Coral Springs Commission on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. He is the first African-American Commissioner to be elected since the City became incorporated in 1963.

With a mother who serves in the United States Navy, Josh was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to – and attended – high school in Virginia, before relocating to Florida.

A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, Josh earned a B.S. in Political Science. He served as an intern for a law firm, where one of the partners served on the Finance Committee for President Barack Obama, inspiring his own political aspirations.

To assist his mother during her deployment overseas, Josh became the legal guardian of his younger sister. It was this commitment that brought him to the City of Coral Springs. In making the decision to choose a City to live, which would provide a young teen with the best education, in a safe community, the choice of Coral Springs was easy.

After earning an M.S. in Psychology, Josh worked in the mental health field for a company that provided services in Broward County. In 2015, Josh was offered an opportunity to teach in the Broward County School System. He is currently assigned to Coral Springs High, where he teaches 12th grade Government and Economics and 10th grade Modern World History.

During Josh’s run for Commission Seat 4, he knocked on more than 4,500 doors of City residents engaging in hard, but beneficial conversations. He believed this was the best way to introduce himself, while better understanding the pulse of the Coral Springs community. Josh believes the City is a microcosm of the State of Florida, with great diversity. Of the City, Josh is proud of the 49 parks, a multitude of events, schools, and outstanding restaurants. His goal is to ensure Coral Springs remains a great, safe community for people of all ages, races, and religious backgrounds.

Josh served on the City’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Multi-Cultural Advisory and Customer Involved Government committees for the City prior to being elected to the City Commission.


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