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IU C&I Studios Page and Post C&I Studios Blog Event planning avengers consisting of seven C&I Studio staff members

A2 Meets C&I

[Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes] Community engagement through event planning has become a cornerstone of the C&I Studios experience. That’s one of the reasons we partnered with A2 Events. Our relationships with neighboring businesses, and our bond with the artists and people who come alongside us to further our shared mission is one of our strongest connections to the community.
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IU C&I Studios Page CI Studios Uncreative Dailies Urban Athletics NYC An early in the day city setting with a male athlete posing for the camera with a lighting director nearby.

Dailies: Urban Athletics NYC

The nature of our work leaves us with hours and hours of material that never gets to see the light of day. In that same vein, it allows us the pleasure of making the likes of Eckhart Tolle proud and allows us the hyperawareness of living in the moment.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post Dailies Alyssee sitting in the sand posing for camera in a bikini on the beach

Dailies: Alyssee

We captured this Daily with our good friend Alyssee during the Malibu shoot we put together for the Reach Kini. The Reach Kini is a collaborative effort between our non-profit organization C&I Reach and Montce Swim.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post Dailies Kristina posing for camera

Dailies: Kristina

For this Daily, we managed to run into a serendipitous series of events. Kristina, one of the baristas at Brew Urban Café located at Next Door, was on her break and we were playing Girls Like Beyoncé over the speakers at the studio.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post Closeup from Dailies: Fallon + Light with woman posing for camera.

Dailies: Fallon + Light

This is a short clip part of a an initiative we took to film more. The best way to get better at anything is to practice, and since we're always influenced and inspired by what most might pass of as mundane, we figured we could highlight parts of South Florida's day-to-day in a mini-series we're calling Slow-Mo Sundays.
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