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Deanna started her adult life as a high school drop – out that turned to exotic dancing to pay the bills. During her years of working in various clubs, she found that she had a natural talent and a passion for makeup. After a little encouragement and some technical training, Deanna has become a successful makeup and hairstylist and now runs her own successful salon.

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"I was a horrible person... I was every bad thing that is not me right now."

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Deanna Kahn

Deanna Kahn is a successful hair and makeup stylist with a big personality and she’s here to share her incredible story.

On this episode of Uncreative Radio, Josh Miller and Deanna Kahn discuss hardships, success, and how many outfits it takes to be considered cool in Tampa.

Deanna’s journey through life hasn’t been exactly easy. She lost her mom while she was a freshman in high school, moved out on her own at 18 years old, and turned to drugs. She herself has admitted that she wasn’t very a good person, but through her own incredible will, buckled down and found her path in life.

Both Josh and Deanna agree that hard work pays off and everyone can make something of themselves if they try. Before finding her passion, Deanna tried her hand at a few things including law, politics, and stripping. Yes, Deanna worked as a dancer for about five years before discovering her true talent as a makeup stylist. Now, her long hours consist of her showcasing her talent as a stylist.

Some people aren’t built for it and I’m glad everyone’s not built for it because then everyone would be doing it.

Currently, Deanna is the owner of Blondie’s Beauty Salon in the south Florida area and has a very unique outlook on things. In this episode of Uncreative Radio, we’re letting Deanna share her uncensored journey, in her own words. What’s her meaning of success? How did she overcome life’s obstacles and change as a person? And why do you need a new outfit to go out every night in Tampa?

Tune in Thursday, February 11th at 6 PM ET for Uncreative Radio with Deanna Kahn to hear a truly remarkable and funny story. 

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