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Creating Content For Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are brands. And their brands often become their business.

They differ from businesses in that they are more personal (duh). They are naturally conversational. They can connect with audiences in ways that companies often struggle. Their words, their artwork, their passions, philosophies, business interests, likes and dislikes are either shared or often adopted by the audiences who follow them. This gives social media influencers a stark advantage on consumer conversions.

The social media influencer’s ability to sway decision-making is unrivaled by most businesses that engage consumers online and on social media. They can sell products to their audiences successfully because it seems like they aren’t pushing a sale. It seems like they are doing their friends (their audience) a favor by sharing a product that benefits their lifestyle.

But why do so many people feel connected to people they have never met in real life?

We believe that it all comes down to the art we create.

An influencer’s jobs is to influence. They win their audience’s trust by sharing intimate, personal details about their life. In most cases, this is the art they create and their reasons for creating it.

The greatest motivator in the history of mankind has always been art. It is the voice of the age and generations past. It is our most intimate and credible link to history and the present day. It is how we connect with people we have never met and likely will never meet. Art is truth. It shapes our understanding of the world and opens windows for us to connect with others.

But… art is not easy to create. It takes time. It takes planning. It must be refined and it must communicate a message that lives inside the artist. Moreover, it must be authentic.


This poses unique challenges to social media influencers who have turned their brand into a business

We know full well that a social media influencer’s job is not just taking fancy pictures, filming wild videos, or sharing personal details about their life. They are business people. Their brand is their business. Anyone who has ever run their own business or managed an establishment understands that it’s a fulltime job.

Setting aside time to create outstanding content becomes increasingly challenging the more popular an influencer becomes. It is hard to justify spending hours a day planning a video shoot or scouting locations for your next photoshoot when you have products to market, a website to maintain, investors to meet, and a whole world of people expecting you to communicate with them every single day.

These responsibilities often take priority over creating new content.

Daily job duties become integral to the survival and expansion of the business and, therefore, eventually push content creation to the background. This is the kiss of death. And many influencers don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Some compensate for their lack of time to create quality content by creating mediocre content. They jeopardize their art to stay relevant, which is detrimental to a brand whose values are linked to authenticity. There’s nothing authentic about creating crappy art for the sake of likes on social media. Most audiences will see through the visage and turn to a social media personality with more gumption.

But what if we told you that social media influencers don’t need to devalue their art in order to stay relevant and keep their business competitive.

We made a career out of creating cool art

We have a tight-knit, dedicated crew of craftsmen and industry professionals who have made art their career. Our team is constantly imagining new ways to engage audiences around the world whether it’s for our studio, the Uncreative brand, or our clients. We understand what audiences connect with and we do our research to ensure that our message — our art — is received by the right people at the right time.

When it comes to creating powerfully original art, our greatest strengths lie in video production, photography, audio production, and live broadcasting.

We work with various types of public-facing personalities, from Youtube influencers like Willie Morris, radio personalities like Stichiz on 103.5 The Beat, up and coming musical artists like Sabela, actresses like Mary Herman, and iconic brands like Montce Swim, Triumph Motorcycles, and Hard Rock.

There is nothing too lavish that we haven’t already imagined and pursued. And no distance too far to travel. Our passion is bringing people’s visions to life. We don’t make excuses because we don’t believe in them.

We especially enjoy working with social media influencers who have built their brands on a foundation of artwork. Regardless if they are ensnared by business needs, they are creative spirits through and through. Regardless if they have the time to imagine the inner workings of their next photoshoot or video production, they have a vision for what they want to accomplish. Regardless if they have the time to scout far-off locations, they have the desire to travel there. These are the types of professional creatives we work best with.

We would happily bring your vision to life so that your brand’s guiding principles remain linked to authentic art. Yes, we can conceptualize and produce a branded campaign for you. But, more so, we are prepared to listen to your needs, rally behind your vision, and create art that radiates with your voice.


3 reasons why social media influencers need original content

  1. Collaborating with us will extend a social media influencer’s voice beyond their regular audience. When social media influencers hit lulls in audience growth, it s often because their content, and therefore their brand narrative, is not progressing. Their story is stagnant and so is audience growth. New content can reinvigorate a brand’s appeal. Not only will this reach audiences who have yet to interact with an influencer’s brand, but it will also stimulate their current audience, exciting them to learn more about the brand’s evolving narrative.
  2. Collaborating with us will keep an influencer’s voice authentic and their art genuine. The rise of “Instagram Reality” has shifted the perspective of audiences. More and more people view content on Instagram as fake and unrealistic. This creates a greater need for authentic content; content that shares the brand story and strengthens the consumer-brand relationship. This combination is the new golden egg and it’s what we specialize in. Social media influencers who are running a business may find it increasingly difficult to meet this standard regularly. This is not a unique problem to influencers. Every brand faces similar struggles. But the downside is significantly more detrimental to influencers.
  3. Collaborating with us allows social media influencers to focus on their business and create cool art without the busywork. Our team will handle all of the intricacies that go into planning and executing an awesome production. Once we are given a vision and business goal, we will assemble all of the working parts to ensure expectations are exceeded. When everything is set and ready to go, our clients join us on set at the studio or on location to create their artwork. In as few steps as possible, we create art that resonates with audiences, progresses the brand story, and delivers measurable results.
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