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Next Door Is The Best Bar In Fort Lauderdale For Live Music

The Bar, Next Door

Have you been to BREW Urban Cafe? Awesome spot, right! If you’ve been there then you know why the locals call it “The Hidden Gem Of Fort Lauderdale.” Something you may not know is that BREW Urban Cafe is actually…

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Salma El Wardany Uncreative Poetry C&I Studios

Taken Too Lightly

I have watched men talk Convince themselves of things Say it with their chests Believe it. Pat each other on the back. Tell themselves they are 'silently committed' As if commitment was supposed to be a silent thing. - salmaelwardany

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To Arms.

When they ask you why you are so angry... Light the match. Ring the bell. Release the dogs. Sound the trumpet. Burn the buildings. Count the death toll. Darken the alleys. Beat the war drum. Demand impossible. Take their freedom…

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Uncreative Poetry | Faces


how do you survive this world, she asked I have been many women, and each one comes out to play, at just the right moment, I said - salmaelwardany

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